Spring Semester 2019


There are a few very important events in Spring 2019 outside of the studio:

-March 7, Thursday, at 6:00PM is an annual Studio Recital at Dunkley’s Recital Hall. Set up time at 5:45PM. 

-March 16, Saturday is A Piano Solo Festival at NNU.   -April 13, Saturday, Certificate of Achievement,  at BSU .

Studio Events:  5-week Spring Practice Challenge: February - March

Three Performance classes:  -February (02/19-02/20) with a theme crazy hair, funny socks.  -April (04/16-04/17) - Piano Olympics  -May (05/21-05/22) Ice Cream party and Award Ceremony.

Studio Spring Break: March 18-28,( last two weeks in March). The last week of Spring Semester is a week of the Performance Classes in May, 05/21-05/22


You are a wonderful teacher! You help your students develop all important aspects of playing piano. First and foremost important is rhythm. It is wonderful that your students count carefully and keep a steady tempo. The technique is developing nicely. Their fingers play evenly and they play with the confidence. They use good tone. The interpretation is impressive. I’m delighted that they play with dynamics and expression. You have helped them with performance skills. The use good continuity and strong memory. The pedaling is excellent. Congratulations on outstanding teaching!


Judge of Piano Guild 2015 - Dr. Del Parkinson, BSU piano faculty.  


Mrs. Yelena has been our kids piano teacher for the last four years.Under her school, our kids won many piano competitions got many acclaims and awards. Mrs.Yelena is accomplished pianist, passionate teacher who loves kids. Her piano lesson is tailored to each kids ability and interest. Her teaching style is firm,  yet delicate. She believes in piano practice. Today our kids piano skill is a direct result of her nurture and lesson plan. For that we appreciate Mrs. Yelena

The Dejen family

I highly recommend Mrs. Yelena as a piano teacher. She has been teaching my 8 year old daughter, and I must say she is making wonderful progress. She also loves her lessons! Mrs. Yelena has an incredible studio with top of the line piano's, a computer lab for the kids to learn music through games, and she is highly organized. 

She uses many different hands on materials to teach and motivate the kids. I have sat in on many of the lessons and I was VERY impressed. 

I would say this is one of the BEST piano teacher's in the Boise area. You will not be disappointed!

Parent of Student


Awesome Piano Teacher!!! - My 8 year old daughter takes piano lessons with Mrs. Yelena. All I can say is...WOW! She is amazing with kids! My daughter absolutely loves her lesson

Parent of Student


If you are looking for a piano teacher, look no further! Mrs. Yelena is awesome!! She has an incredible way with kids of all ages. She makes learning all facets of music fun and interesting.

Her studio is top notch. She has high end piano's, and a computer lab for the kids to work on after their lesson. In the lab are music based games that my kids absolutely love! You will even have access to some music learning games from home as well.

My daughter loves going to piano lessons, and she is very motivated to learn. This is not our first piano teacher, so I know the results I am seeing are a direct result of the expertise and style of Mrs. Yelena.

Highly recommended!

 Parent of Student

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