Halloween Performance Classes

We had  fun during Halloween Performance week. All of you students played very well, it is obvious you practiced... and your costumes were great. Thanks to all of the parents for participating with us during this time. I appriciated and sure your children did as well. 

Students of the month, October: Aidan, Rachel, Seamus, Kristiana, Veena. Congratulations!

Students of th month, September: Aidan, Rachel, Valeska, Milo, Breana. Congratulations!

Piano Maestro Super Star: Lucas B., 3 times(!) and Milo. Congratulations!

We had our first raffle drawings.... AND  THE WINNERS ARE: 

  • Aidan
  • Rachel
  • Valeska
  • Dacia
  • Luke K
  • Seamus
  • Vaughn
  • Ella Rose
  • Kristiana

I took pictures. Please enjoy!






































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