Summer 2018

July 9-12 An individual lesson schedule will be releised

June 18 - August 18 Piano Maestro application is active for I Pad users. I will keep track for every week winners. They will collect additional trading cards.

May - July 2018 Summer Session

May - June 2018 Registration for 2018-2019 year is open

May 2018 Congratulations to all the Students who received personalised Piano Olympic medals for their results in Piano Olympic Event in May

May 2018 Congratulations to Mattie, Seamus, Breana, Rachel and Aidan for beeing with Studio five or more years and receiving personalised Studio Trophy






About Yelena

I was first introduced to music at the age of 5 and learned to read musical notes before I could read written words. Music was my greatest passion. So I went to Music College and earned a Bachelor ’s Degree in piano, pedagogy and music theory. It was during these years that I first began teaching piano and group music lessons in a music school. While was a student in a prestigious Russian conservatory, I continued teaching children to play the piano. I received my Master’s Degree in Music and graduated with the conservatory’s Highest Standard of Excellence.

After I moved to Seattle, Washington, I once again began piano instruction for young children. Always looking for ways to teach better, I added some unique and exciting training programs developed here in America. Thise gave me valuable experience in providing piano lessons to young students ranging from the very beginner to upper intermediate level.

I opened Dancing Fingers Studio in my home in Eagle, and equipped it with a gorgeous Kawai Grand Piano as well as with amazing Clavinova CVP 405, and other electronic keyboards and music lab.

It is my goal to provide step-by-step musical training, which will aid in the growth of the child’s inner music and enhance all future musical activities.

My Mission

  • Build a love of music that will endure a lifetime
  • Foster a sense of confidence and joy in the making of music
  • Encourage each student to attain their highest music potential
  • Making piano lessons lasting and fun.

Yelena’s specialties:

  • Children are my specialty. You have every right to expect a qualified piano instructor who sets an achievable standard of excellence
  • Nurturing an atmosphere of discovering, learning and appreciating music
  • Personalized lessons
  • Combining time honored classical teaching techniques with the newest high-tech methodologies and pop style.

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